It’s your mind that creates this world. ” – Buddha


Zürich Zen Center has as mission to open it’s doors to daily spiritual life, based on the traditional Zen way and the Zen Peacemakers Three Tenets. In this sense, we promote, participate and support activities and initiatives in harmony with the principles of socially engaged buddhism.


Sangha is an ancient term for Community. Formally, is the Third Jewel in Buddhism, along with Buddha and Dharma. You can participate as a member or supporter in the fulfillment of our Mission.


The Zürich Zen Center is coordinated by Jorge Koho Mello and Marge Daien Oppliger, monastics ordained in Soto Zen Lineage by Shingetsu Coen Roshi, and students of Tenkei Coppens Roshi. At Zen Peacemaker Order, they are students of Barbara Salaam Angyo and Roland Yakushi Wegmüller Roshis.